Rinehart Rhinoblock Vital 3-D Foam Block

Rinehart Rhinoblock Vital 3-D Foam Block

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Rinehart Targets® is known for quality, innovative blocks, and the new Rhinoblock with 3-D deer vital foam block target is no different. On two sides, the midsection of a deer is pictured in 3-D, which allows for more realistic practice. The other four sides have traditional targets of different sizes, but what makes them unique is the coloring that allows hunting in early morning sunlight and at dusk.


  • 6-sided block target
  • 2 sides resemble deer midsection vitals in 3D
  • Replaceable core
  • Excellent coloration for low-light practice
  • Different sized targets for variable training regimens
  • Dimensions: 16" x 16" x 13"
  • Rinehart Targets


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