Frabill Flow Troll Bait Bucket

Frabill Flow Troll Bait Bucket

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The Frabill Flow Troll Minnow Bucket is still America's number 1 selling minnow bucket. Flow Troll ® is intended to be pulled behind your boat or can also be used when wading. The bait door faces up and it floats thanks to the hydrodynamic shape features. As it is pulled through the water, the bucket is constantly ventilating the bait keeping fresh. Bait can not escape with the self closing door. The door locks and snaps securely.


  • Pull behind boat or use when wading
  • Balanced and floats with hydrodynamic shape features
  • Ventilation for bait
  • Bait door is self closing to avoid bait escape
  • Door locks and snaps securely
  • 6 quart capacity


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