Trophy Ridge React Trio Sight

Trophy Ridge React Trio Sight

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The quick-shooting advantage of a fixed-pin sight combined with the long-range precision of a slider. Trophy Ridge's React Trio Bow Sight gives you 20-, 30- and 40-yd. pins in its fixed position, and slides to allow you to use the 40-yd. pin for shots between 40 yds. and 120 yds. Smart Pin Technology™ calculates pin gap up to 120 yds. based on the distance between your 40-yd. pin and any longer yardage. Once you set two yardage pins, you're ready to shoot through the entire range. Individually movable 20- and 30-yd. pins must be manually sighted in. Fast, silent yardage adjustment makes long shots a breeze. Tool-less microwindage and elevation makes in-the-field adjustments simple. Second and third axis adjustability. Multiple mounting holes allow you to mount this lightweight, 100% aluminum sight on a wide variety of compound bows. A sight level ensures consistent shots. .019"-dia. fiber optics. Lockdown feature provides worry-free single-distance shooting. Black finish. Right hand only.


  • Works as a fixed-pin sight and a slider
  • Auto-calibrating yardage marks from 40 yds. to 120 yds.
  • Fast, silent yardage adjustment
  • Rugged aluminum construction


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